Beer Butt Chicken

It’s never too cold out to get the grill goin’ and for this chicken, the oven is not an option. Get your self a brew and a bird because it’s time to get your grub on bachelor style.

2 cans of beer*
1 whole chicken

*Beer choice:
The better the beer, the better the chicken. Although I’m using Miller Lite cans to put in my chicken, I’m using Shiner Bock for it’s deep, rich flavor and the fact that it’s the best beer ever made.

1. Wash your chicken and dry it off so the rub will stick.

2. Rub down your chicken with your choice of rub. You can buy pre-made rubs or make your own. You can also use the old standby Tony Chachere’s. Any spice you pick, just make sure to rub above and under the skin to get all that flavor up in there.

3. Drink a can of beer. Other recipes online suggest that you discard half of the beer, but I find that if you drink all of it you’ll find this both satisfying and refreshing.

4. Stick the can inside of the cavity of the chicken.

5. Get that grill goin’. I will be using Hickory infused briquettes as well as wood chips, but a bag of regular charcoal does fine as well.

6. When the coals are hot and ready. Plop your chicken on. Here’s where it gets tricky: you’ll want to tuck your legs in as best as possible so it can stand straight. Some folks use stands which are a great way to keep your chicken standing and perfect. You’ll also notice mine isn’t perfect and it doesn’t need to be.

7. Pour your beer into the chicken through the hole where it’s head used to be.

8. The breasts take the longest to cook so when you stick in your meat thermometer, always check the breasts first.

9. Once your chicken has reached 170 F (about 1 1/2 to 2 hours), pull it off the grill and let it rest for about 30 minutes.

10. The chicken should fall apart so don’t even use a fork or knife. Just grab a leg and eat like a viking.