Applied correctly, seasoning can make the difference between bland and delicious. Here’s a guide on some store-bought necessities and what you can make with what you already have in the pantry.



House Seasoning = Lemon Pepper + Garlic Salt

  • Good for: Vegetables, Chicken

Mexican Seasoning = Garlic Powder + Cumin + Chili Powder + Oregano + Salt/Pepper + (a touch of) Cayenne

  • Good for: Grilled chicken thighs, skirt steak, shrimp, tilapia

Greek Seasoning = Oregano + Cumin + Garlic Powder + (a touch) Cinnamon + Salt/Pepper

  • Good for: lamb, pork, ground beef

Spanish Seasoning = Paprika + Garlic Salt + Basil

  • Good for: Chicken

Balsamic Marinade = Balsamic Vinegar  + 1 cap of Lemon Juice (per cut of meat) + House Seasoning

  • Good for: White meat (chicken, pork)

Soy Marinade = Soy Sauce + 1 cap of Lemon Juice (per cut of meat) + Garlic Powder

  • Good for: Steak, any other red meat.

Lemon Thyme Marinade = Olive Oil + Lemon Juice + Thyme + Salt/Pepper

  • Good for: Chicken, fish

Tips for Marinade/Seasoning

  • The longer the better: When your meat sits in seasoning/marinade for longer, it soaks up more flavor.
  • Zipper Bags: Cheap, simple way to marinade your meat with no cleanup afterwards.
  • Rub the rub: Massage your seasoning into your meat before cooking so it doesn’t all end up on the pan.
  • Less is more: Don’t over do seasoning. Just a light sprinkling will do just fine.

Salt: Kosher or Table?

Doesn’t matter. I keep kosher around because it’s good for brining and curing meats when I’m going to put them in the smoker. I could tell you the science behind this, but I assume you don’t really care and neither do I. Just get the iodized table salt to keep a healthy thyroid.

Saving on Seasoning:

Look in the international section to save money on your seasonings. Badia is a Latino brand that will save you a couple of bucks and time since they sell huge cans of the essentials for cheap.